A great place to meet!

Maastricht, the ideal location for meetings, incentives & special events. Historic city center, modern university, international atmosphere, local flavor, plenty hotels, splendid facilities, nice surroundings, crossborder possibilities, multi-lingual people, perfect connections and joie de vivre.

What more do you need?

Discover the ultimate European business hotspot!

Maastricht and its Euregion combine an innovative economy, great reachability and five star recreational surroundings. This small metropolis has grown into Holland’s most popular location for business and leisure.

Fast connections to major European capitals, excellent transport options, multi lingual staff and great business services, have made Maastricht and its Euregion a prime location for many international organisations (Mercedes Benz, Nedcar, Medtronic, DSM). With eight airports in a one hour radius and a TGV connection to Aachen and Liege, Maastricht has grown into a well established meeting point for the international MICE market.

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Maastricht, perfect for corporate events!

Registered as one of the best conference cities in The Benelux, Maastricht provides the perfect meeting and incentive environment. An international renowned conference center (MECC), the largest international university of The Netherlands, a booming Health Campus and many international organisations (EIPA, European Journalism Center, United Nations University) have developed this region into a true international business hotspot.

Since the Treaty of Maastricht and the birth of the Euro in 1991, Maastricht has leaped into becoming the greatest internationally focused city of The Netherlands. With multiple worldwide renowned events and high class hotels and restaurants, Maastricht has truly become a great place to meet.

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